33 Down, 5 To Go!


This week was truly uneventful, which makes it exceptional since our class has had activity after activity these past few weeks. At this time last year, I was 100% ready for the year to be over and each day dragged on.  This year, I am still excited for summer break, but I look at my students and don’t want to give them up, and I’m excited to teach every day. I think this is mostly due to the fact that I am so much more put together than I was last year.

If you will recall, I only had 2 weeks to prepare for school before it began and I ended up playing catch-up the entire year. And everything was hard. Writing to parents, making lesson plans, creating tests.  It was all new and unfamiliar and I just couldn’t wait until the next year when I could do everything the right way. 

I am still not doing everything as correctly as I wish, but I feel so much more relieved and relaxed this year. I’m taking time to smell the flowers.

We’re still plugging away in all our classes. We worked on inferences, poetry, and compound words in language arts. Some of the munchkins’ poems are priceless. In math we finished up measurement and began learning about time. In science, we finished learning about habitats. Student created their own habitat book complete with illustrations and explanations about the inhabitants of each ecosystem. In social studies, we began talking about economics: needs and wants, goods and services.  Most of this week has been dedicated to explaining to the kids that ATMs don’t just give you free money and credit cards don’t erase what you owe.  Wouldn’t that be great if they did, though?!


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