34 Down, 4 To Go


Another week, more learning, not much new or different for the munchkins. Things, however, have been very different for me because I got a job tutoring after school for an hour.  The public school district pays private school teachers to tutor students who need it. It’s a nice way to make extra cash and help big munchkins. I tutor two lovely girls in third and fourth grade.  The time goes by so quickly and feel really great about helping them. It will go on all this month.

In first grade, we studied compare and contrast in language arts. The kids read books and pointed out the similarities and differences among the characters, the settings, or even noting how characters changed over the story. They didn’t always get the things that I wanted them to be looking for, but they did compare and contrast. It’s interesting to see what first graders pick up on. 

In math, we finished up learning about time. The kids were dreading the test on Thursday, but half of them ended up making 100s, so I will never trust them. 🙂 

In science and social studies we’ve been learning about goods and services, and weather respectively. Both topic have room for lots of exploration. My favorite activity from last week was studying “scarcity” in social studies. We played musical chairs! In one round, there were more chairs than kids, so no one rushed to sit down because they knew they’d get a seat. In the second round, there was one fewer seat than children (the traditional way). The kids got pretty excited, but not like when I told them that ONLY the red chair counted as winning. They went crazy!  We then had a great discussion about scarcity and how scarcity increased value.


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