16 and 17 Down, 21 To Go!


We had another abbreviated week, so I’m combining posts again.

Week 16 can be summed up in five words: six tests in three days.  We had to finish all our units before the winter break. Well, we didn’t have to, but I thought it would be cruel to make the munchkins work over the break, so I felt we had to.  But, all the tests had to be near the end of the week so that we didn’t have time to start anything new.

At first the munchkins were suspicious about all those tests. But, when I explained that this meant the last week of school would just be fun and they wouldn’t have any homework over the break, they got on board quickly.

Unfortunately, a plague went through my class and we had numerous kids out on each of the test days (6 kids on Wednesday!) and so week 17 became known as….

…the week of make-up tests.  We had three half-days to make up the tests. Some kids had missed all six! I had to pull munchkins away from their fun activities and make them take a test on Earth science, or number patterns, or compare and contrast. It was unpleasant.

But, when we weren’t doing make-up tests, we were having wintery fun!  Students wrote winter stories on mitten patterns and we made snow globes out of paper plates and felt.

I made this as a model so the munchkins could have an idea of what the finished product should look like

I made this as a model so the munchkins could have an idea of what the finished product should look like. It got a little bent on the way home.

My buddy teacher and I found the idea on Pinterest (where else!) last week and thought it would be perfect. The thing we didn’t anticipate was how hard it would be for the kiddos to cut out clothes from the felt. We should have cut out the clothes for them, or at least made many stencils ahead of time.  But did we think of that? No. So we were forced to cut little stencils out of notecards as students wailed about their shirt not looking right.

But in the end, all the snow globes looked cute and the kids were able to take them home.


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