18 Down, 20 To Go


This was our first week back from winter break, and on Monday I think they were just stunned to be back at school. They quietly did their work. They followed directions immediately and just sort-of went through the motions of everything. 

Unfortunately, by Tuesday the shock had worn off and they started acting up a bit.  We had to remind ourselves many times about the correct way to walk around the classroom, how to get my attention, when it is an appropriate time for chatting, etc.  Luckily for me, they are all very wonderful children and are easily redirected. 

In science, we began our large unit on biology and began with a topic on living vs. non-living.  I explained to the kiddos that you know something is living because: it can grow and it can make things like itself. We talked about how trees grow and drop acorns to make more trees.  We talked about how kittens grow into cats and then have kittens.  Then I said, we know that people grow. Can people make more people. At first, several of them shook their heads no! Then I reminded them: how many of your mommies have had a baby. Surprise! All of them! 

Then, one of my more astute munchkins piped up, “But there’s one difference between people and other living things.  Plants and animals don’t have to be married.” 

Fortunately, I was able to answer the student with a simple, “Please raise your hand next time” and the moment passed. 



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