19 Down, 19 To Go: HALFWAY THERE!


This was the week of illness.  So many kids with the flu!  Some got strep AND the flu! And they all wanted to kiss me!   Fortunately, I held them off considerably and sanitized my hands about 15 times every day. And as my reward, I had an illness-free weekend with my sweetheart. Yay!

In language arts, we began writing our third book– a fantasy story. This is my favorite story to read because I think I can get the best glimpse into what’s going on in my munchkins’ brains. Usually that means total craziness!  They come up with some of the weirdest stories. One involves grilled chicken fighting in space. Seriously. I don’t know where they come up with this stuff.

In math, we started a difficult topic: ordering and comparing numbers to 100. They have a lot of trouble with 10 more, 10 less, 1 more, 1 less.  They get more and less mixed up. They get 10 and 1 mixed up. And it’s all their fault because they aren’t being careful! They will learn though…

In social studies, we’re learning about safety, which is so fascinating to them.  We talked about fire safety and I asked them who had a plan for what to do if there was a fire outside their bedroom door. No one raised their hand, so I told them to go home and talked to mom and dad. I explained that everyone’s house is different and what might be right for one room will be wrong for another. A bunch of them came back and exclaimed, “My mom said I had to jump out the window!!”  We talked about how hurting your leg is better than getting stuck in a fire. 



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