20 Down, 18 To Go


This was a short week for multiple reasons.

Monday- MLK holiday. I sat in my classroom and quietly worked alone. It was nice.

Tuesday- Normal day. We did all of our subjects, enjoyed learning, yada yada yada.

Wednesday- Normal day. We continued to learn, did a plant lab, and practiced identifying fact and opinion. After school, I was talking to my mom and she said, “did you hear there is a chance of sn** Thursday night?”  I told her that I just heard it was going to be very cold, but that I was excited about that development. 

Thursday- Elementary Science Fair.  14 children in my class presented their projects for two very kind judges.  I looked after the children who were doing science fair in my class and my partner teacher’s class and she looked after the children who were not presenting. This worked out very well, as none of us felt like we had to be in two places at once. Most of the kids were very confident right up to the point when the sweet judges walked over to them and introduced themselves. Then my chatty bunch of first graders grew mute.  Sometimes, they would start talking if I went up and put my arm around them. Others needed me to ask them questions to get them to talk.  I could be asking the same question the judge was asking, but they only had trouble talking to strangers. I guess that’s a good thing. 

Friday-  The sn** came and we got a day off. Woohoo! 

All in all, it was a great week: 3 day weekend (I know, I worked on Monday. But there were no children and I was only there for 4 hours) 3 days of teaching, 3 day weekend. 

This week has a lot to live up to….



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