Monthly Archives: February 2014

21 Down, 17 To Go


Another crazy week!

Monday-Because we didn’t have school on Friday, we spent Monday making up all our end-of-week tests.

Tuesday- Another Ice Day!

Wednesday-Because we didn’t have school on Tuesday, we spent Wednesday making up everything we were supposed to do on Monday but couldn’t because of the Ice Day.

Thursday-I tried to figure out how to salvage the week.

Friday- I realized that this week couldn’t be salvaged.


During all this we began our most-dreaded math unit of the year: coins.  At the beginning, I tell the munchkins that they must pay very close attention and do exactly what I say.  They don’t believe me. They think it’s so easy to identify nickels vs. pennies (Day 1). “Why do we have to write the values above the coins as we count them? This is baby stuff!”   Then, when students have to count groups of half-dollars, quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies (Day 5), it all makes sense.

The students  did what I asked even though it was “easy peasy mac and cheesy/lemon squeezy” are still doing great. The past two years, I had the group of students who followed my directions and did well, and the group that didn’t follow directions and struggled. This year, I made them all follow my directions. I would count every problem wrong if it didn’t have the values of the coins written above, even if they counted correctly and got the right sum.  Ruling with an iron-fist can be beneficial.